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THRIVERS: Nonprofit Leadership for the Next Normal

This is a podcast for nonprofit leaders. Why?

The landscape has never been more challenging. Lots of noise competing for revenue. Staff turnover is at an all-time high. Burnout is real.

Many leaders are trying to do everything by themselves. The truth is you’re not meant to do it alone.

Welcome to THRIVERS. This is a community of nonprofits leaders sharing the best ideas, cheering each other on in their wins, and innovating in a rapidly changing world.

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Take Extreme Ownership

Ever feel like your organization is running you instead of the other way around? We have, too. This episode tackles how to harness that momentum to put you in the driver’s seat.
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Our Journey of Effective Strategic Planning – An Interview with Dr. Cynthia Whitaker

Curious to hear the outcome of putting the strategic planning practices we’ve been talking into action? Dr. Cynthia Whitaker shares the impact and outcomes it had in her organization in this episode.
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Strategic Planning – Part 4: Learning Organizations

Learning doesn’t happen by accident. So why and how do we lean in and create an environment that fosters learning? This episode covers exactly that.
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Strategic Planning – Part 3: Data-Driven Alignment

Our third episode in the 4-part series on Strategic Planning looks at the role of data in supporting nonprofits to understand their unique value and demonstrate their impact.
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Strategic Planning – Part 2: Being Strengths-Based & Inclusive

Our second episode in the 4-part series on Strategic Planning looks at the role of co-creation and Appreciative Inquiry in facilitating inclusive, bottom-up approaches to change. Tune in to learn how unlocking the wisdom of the many can help supercharge y
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Strategic Planning – Part 1: Why Strategic Planning?

In our kickoff episode, we're diving right into the deep end: Nonprofit Strategic Planning. We'll talk about how it's shifting from being a stodgy, outdated obligation to being a prime opportunity for organization-wide involvement and inclusion.
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