We love working with people who love working with nonprofits. We believe nonprofits change the world. Literally. Our team is built around bringing together the best of the best to support nonprofits in their work.

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What is it like to work with THRIVE IMPACT?

We teach nonprofit leaders is how to sustainably lead and engage their teams, so we practice what we teach.

Take a look at our core values. These guide how we work both with nonprofits and together as a team.

Our Core Values


We believe leadership comes from everyone and inclusion matters.


We deliver impactful results by taking creative risks, planning tight and delivering exceptional value.


We embrace the need for every person to experience belonging and significance.


We embody the work we bring to the world.


We create lighthearted atmospheres to increase connection and learning.

Current Openings

If you're passionate about supporting impactful nonprofit work and think you're a fit for a position, we want to hear from you.
Here are the positions we're currently bringing onto the team.

Curriculum & Support Facilitator

The Curriculum and Support Facilitator is responsible for helping to design the workshop curriculum and support the facilitation of training and workshops.
Part-Time Contractor