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THRIVERS: Nonprofit Leadership for the Next Normal

This is a podcast for nonprofit leaders. Why?

The landscape has never been more challenging. Lots of noise competing for revenue. Staff turnover is at an all-time high. Burnout is real.

Many leaders are trying to do everything by themselves. The truth is you’re not meant to do it alone.

Welcome to THRIVERS. This is a community of nonprofits leaders sharing the best ideas, cheering each other on in their wins, and innovating in a rapidly changing world.

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Shifting from Fundraisers to “Friend-raisers” with Joey Goone and Meagan Sweeney-Hyde

Imagine an event where every detail tells a story, connecting heart to heart, and forging bonds that last. Oh, and it successfully raises funds to support your impact-driven mission. Now, you don’t have to imagine—you can listen to effective,  practical tips on how to create these types of events. Events that are built for the […]
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Brushstrokes of Our 10X Future

Embarking on a transformative journey, the THRIVE IMPACT team dives into the concept of “10X” – a bold approach to organizational and personal growth. The 10X concept challenges conventional norms, advocating for a radical shift from incremental progress to exponential growth.  But exponential growth doesn’t mean hyper action—it’s actually about radically doing less in order […]
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A Lookback: 1.5 Years of Operationalizing a Strategic Plan with Greater Nashua Mental Health

The old method of strategic planning often feels like a rigid, top-down endeavor that stifles innovation and hinders genuine progress. The opposite of what it’s intended to do. It doesn’t have to be this way.  What if strategic planning was an evolving process driven by co-creation and continuous learning? A year and half later, Tucker […]
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Mastering the Art of Saying “No”

Saying “yes” feels like the best way to be an empowering leader. More often than not, however, it leads to cluttered priorities and diluted impact. Tucker and Sarah tackle a truth that often gets lost in the hustle: not every opportunity is worth taking. Choosing what to say “yes” to is about figuring out what […]
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Growth and Gratitude: A Leadership Year in Review with Barb Collura, Kathy Jamil, and Kirsten Taylor

The journey of leadership is marked by unique challenges and profound learnings (if you’re doing it right).  As 2023 comes to a close, this episode of THRIVERS offers a window into the reflective minds of three nonprofit leaders who have navigated these waters with resilience and innovation. Tucker and Sarah sit down with Barb Collura, […]
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Celebrating the THRIVERS Community Journey

Leadership is a journey filled with constant evolution and growth. Sometimes that means closing one chapter to begin another. In this deeply personal and reflective episode, Tucker, accompanied by members of the THRIVERS community, takes a moment to mark the conclusion of this season of their collaborative journey.  Guests:Frankie Abralind – Founder of The Good […]
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Wellbeing: Beyond the Buzzword with Dr. Dan Diamond

In a landscape where the pressures and challenges of leadership are constantly evolving, understanding and prioritizing wellbeing is more than beneficial; it’s essential. But what does “wellbeing” really mean for impact-driven leaders and their teams? Along with guest Dr. Dan Diamond, Tucker and Sarah aim to tackle this significant question as they unpack the multifaceted […]
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Co-Creating the THRIVERS Manifesto

This episode has been a long time in the making. Since well before even dreaming of starting this podcast, in fact. Since the very beginnings of supporting nonprofit leaders, the need for a new language to articulate the shifts in leadership and organizational dynamics has been a constant topic at THRIVE IMPACT. Now, Tucker and […]
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Going Behind the Scenes with Kathy Jamil from The United Way of Buffalo

What happens when nonprofit leaders come together to connect, learn, and grow? Tucker and Sarah break the mold with this episode, giving you a behind the scenes look into a 3-hour leadership workshop they recently facilitated with the United Way of Buffalo. Joined by Kathy Jamil, the Chief Program Officer of the United Way of […]
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Capacity Building 2.0 – Part 4: Capacity = Knowing Your Capability

“Capacity Building” is a phrase that gets tossed around quite a bit in the nonprofit world, but what does it really mean, and how do you know if it’s even working?  In episode four of our Capacity Building 2.0 series, Tucker and Sarah reconnect with Jess Verplank, Deputy Director of Kids on Bikes, who participated […]
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8 Signs Your Strategic Plan Isn’t Working

Ever felt like your strategic plan is more of a relic than a roadmap? A strategic plan should be the lifeblood of any organization, guiding its direction and ensuring a cohesive approach to achieving its vision. Unfortunately, even the most meticulously crafted plans can end up collecting dust on the shelf instead of creating real […]
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Operationalizing Your Goals: Connecting Strategy and Activity

Ever wondered how to transform grand strategic visions into concrete tasks for your team? Or how a strategic plan should play a part in the day-to-day? The hard part isn’t setting these objectives (okay, maybe a little). It’s in the journey from idea to implementation and not getting lost along the way. In this episode […]
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