The speed and complexity of change is happening at an exponential rate around us. We're passionate about helping nonprofit leaders do more than survive... We want them to THRIVE.

Creating impact in the world first begins with creating alignment from within. We work directly with nonprofit leaders and organizations and by supporting funders and nonprofit associations.

Let's make a difference.

Relevant solutions for dynamic times.

Most strategy and culture is built from frameworks developed during stable conditions. Those same frameworks fall short in the constantly shifting landscape we find ourselves in.

Our approach is specifically designed to embrace the seasons and cycles that are a normal part of life as a nonprofit.

For Nonprofit Leaders

Drive strategy, growth, and alignment in your organization. From full-scale strategic planning to getting your program, impact, revenue, story, or culture "unstuck", we're here to help.

Using science-backed frameworks like appreciative inquiry, we facilitate leaning into the collective wisdom and strength of your entire team. The result is developing a learning organization that creates buy-in and energy around your purpose like never before.
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For Funders & Associations

Maximize the time, money, and experience you invest into nonprofits through leadership training and community-based capacity building.

Nonprofit leaders who feel isolated and burned out are more likely to be less efficient and effective with the resources available. Our leadership and community development models are designed specifically for the nonprofit sector. They equip leaders with tools to lead well within and build the skills and tools needed to drive impact in the community.
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