Leadership Workshops for the Next Normal

The speed and complexity of change in our world is increasing at an exponential rate. There's always a new technology to implement, new tactics and strategies to adopt, new platforms to leverage. New this, new that.

So why are we holding on to outdated leadership paradigms?

The only way to adapt and have the impact you set out to create is to embrace the next normal of workplace leadership. To lean into a paradigm shift that undoes the damage created by top-down, controlling management systems.

We've developed an entirely new operating system to help impact-driven leaders create the impact they set out to achieve in the first place. All while building a collaborative and healthy workplace.

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The future of impact-driven leadership is creating impact from the inside out.


Start where it starts, not where it ends.

Many impact-driven leaders put all of their attention and focus on the community and the impact they want to create. While the intentions are in the right place, the approach falls short.

We fall into the trap of believing that if we focus on the impact first, everything else will fall into place. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Turnover and burnout statistics are actively telling us our teams need a different approach. And without our teams, what impact can we have?

We use this quote a lot in our work...

"The prevailing system of management has destroyed our people. Because it’s about control, and not about learning."
— W. Edwards Deming

The old ways aren't working. We need to shift from top-down answers to co-created solutions.

Instead of starting with strategy and trying to get buy-in afterwards, we need to start with buy-in to drive strategy forward.

Our approach starts at the innermost circle of influence... the individual.


Conscious Leadership

It all starts here. If we can't lead ourselves well, how can we expect to lead others? We begin with developing skills to lead from creativity, not reactivity.

This stage is all about learning to recognize when we're leading from a place of reactivity instead of creativity. We equip you and your team with practical tools like Appreciative Inquiry and an understanding of the underlying neuroscience to naturally reframe problems into opportunities.


Co-Creative Leadership

The next step is leading our teams through co-creation to develop strategies that achieve the impact we want with buy-in from the start.

Many organizations miss that the best answers to their most difficult hurdles already exist in the hearts and minds of their team. This stage focuses on how to implement co-creation in a healthy and collaborative way.


Collective Orchestration

Being a learning organization is no small task. It's often messy and uncomfortable. It's also worth every growing pain.

This stage takes the next steps of crating massive clarity in the organization to eliminate any question about who is responsible for what and when using generative accountability to keep objectives on track.


Community Engagement

This is what it's all about. The impact you set out to create becomes a reality through the foundation you've laid. And your team is more engaged than ever.

This final stage centers around engaging the community you serve in collaborative and constructive ways that ensure all voices are heard and buy-in is generated at all levels.

Impact driven leaders across the country are experiencing new ways of leading into larger impact.

A more impactful future is right around the corner.

We've worked with impact-driven organizations for a long time. We know the concerns and the limitations that come with making difficult decisions on what to prioritize when it comes to investing in your organization.

So we've made it easier than ever to get the guidance and support you need to create sustainable impact from the inside out.

Each stage consists of:

  • A 90-minute training every month for three months
  • Clear action plans to implement learnings between trainings
  • Video resources for additional actionable insights
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Pain In Your Board Workshop - Tucker Wannamaker

Start where you are. We're with you the whole way through.

Every organization is in a different place. We help you identify where to start based on your current needs.

Schedule A Design Session

We'll work together to identify the best starting point for your organization.

Start The Journey

Schedule the monthly training sessions on an easy cadence for your team.

Create Impact

Breathe a breath of fresh air as you see the impact you've dreamed of becoming reality.

Clear, structured workshop series to help you create lasting impact.

Each stage consists of three 90-minute workshops that build upon each other to maximize impact without exceeding capacity.

Explore the possibilities and then start wherever makes sense for your organization.

Self // Conscious Leadership

Develop conscious leadership skills to increase awareness and lead more effectively from creativity instead of reactivity.

Our FREE Awakening Conscious Leadership 101 workshop introduces you to practical concepts
Impact-Driven Leadership for the Next Normal
The Neuroscience of Conscious Leadership
The Practices and Tools to Reduce Burnout and Increase Resilience

Reduce isolation & loneliness

of leaders in our community said they felt less isolated and alone

Team // Co-Creative Leadership

Propel your organization forward by shifting from top-down answers to co-created solutions designed to generate buy-in from the start.

Our FREE Embracing Co-Creation 101 workshop dispels the most common myths of co-creation
The Reframing Power of Appreciative Questions
Unlocking the collective wisdom of any group through Inclusive Interactions
Co-creation operating system - How to embed Co-creation into your organization

Generate buy-in

agree the strategic direction excites them for the future

Organization // Collective Orchestration

Take your learnings to new heights by building a culture that embraces creativity, failure, and accountability in all the right ways.

Roles: Defining roles and using the DARCI framework
Rhythms: Supporting learning, trying, and testing as an organization
Results: Setting measurable goals or big rocks, stake board, and 30-60-90 goal structures

Build a learning organization

agree their teams are more open to new ideas

Community // Engagment + Impact

Maximize your impact in your community through healthy engagement and evaluations.

Nurture: Ensuring success BEFORE and AFTER a gathering
Design: Delivering experiences to achieve our goals and outcomes and center relationships
Facilitate: Crafting experiences so all parties feel safe, heard, and included while meeting objectives

Increase revenue

of leaders in our community significantly increased revenue

Create the impact you've always dreamed about.

We exist to help impact-driven leaders like you create positive impact in the world. In their world.

It all starts with a 30-minute design session where we unpack where you're at as an organization and evaluate the best place to start.

Ready to go?

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Strategic plan not aligned with your current priorities?

We also help impact-driven organizations co-create stragic plans that generate buy-in across all levels of the organization and drive the day-to-day work of the organization.
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