Pain In Your Board Workshop - Tucker Wannamaker

Our mission is to solve nonprofit leader burnout.

Burnout is the enemy of creating positive change. Most nonprofit leaders know what it feels like to be alone and isolated. This is why we are rooted in community, are driven by inclusion, and co-create everything we do. When nonprofit leaders thrive, they create the impact our communities need.

We're nonprofit leaders helping other nonprofit leaders THRIVE.

Nonprofits who work with us achieve great things.

nonprofits helped
increase in donor giving
revenue from new strategies

We know the struggles. We’ve had them, too.

That’s why our approach is built on the simple fact that revenue issues is a lagging indicator of deeper problems. If you’re having a hard time raising money or just keep hitting a plateau in your revenue, it is time for a more modern approach, not just a new fundraising deck.

With our experience of leading and turning around everything from startup nonprofits to $650M+ organizations, we’ll help you figure out whatever’s getting in the way of your bottom line. You’ll leave our workshops knowing where you’re heading, what you need to do to get there and, most importantly, you won’t be doing it alone.

We must work towards equity to achieve our mission.

THRIVE IMPACT understands equity to mean: “The guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups. The principle of equity acknowledges that there are historically underserved and underrepresented populations, and that fairness regarding these unbalanced conditions is needed to assist equality in the provision of effective opportunities to all groups.” [1]
The mission of THRIVE IMPACT is to solve the nonprofit leader burnout problem in the world in order to create more engaged citizens and thriving communities.

Equity is a key component in THRIVE IMPACT’s work, and we believe that achieving our mission requires more intentionality and focus on equity in all of our work.

Our values embody our equity perspective.

We believe that equity requires action. As we reflect on our values, we recognize and accept that creating equity starts with the decisions we make within our organization.

We believe these core values ground our equity approach and are foundational to fulfilling our mission.

Our Core Values


We believe leadership comes from everyone and inclusion matters.


We deliver impactful results by taking creative risks, planning tight and delivering exceptional value.


We embrace the need for every person to experience belonging and significance.


We embody the work we bring to the world.


We create lighthearted atmospheres to increase connection and learning.
Grounded in these values, we commit to incorporating an equity perspective into our work everyday. We will call out structural racism and systemic oppression and actively use an equity perspective to review, examine, and question our policies, processes, and perspectives and to look out for inequities and make changes when we find them.
Without this commitment, we believe that we cannot be as impactful in our mission at THRIVE IMPACT.

Get to know the team behind it all.

Sarah Fanslau

Chief Impact Officer

Sarah has worked in and around nonprofits for 15 years. She has an MSc from the London School of Economics where she focused on social policy and development studies. After school, Sarah conducted research on the impact and effectiveness of public programs before moving into the nonprofit sector–where she has developed expertise in health policy and practice, civic engagement, service learning, and youth leadership. Sarah is driven by a desire to understand more about how individuals understand and practice belonging, and the role of organizations in creating community. Sarah hails from a rural corner of the great state of Maine and currently resides just outside of NYC where she lives with her two sons, husband and rescue cat, Vito.


Program Design
Impact Evaluation

Kevin Hagan

Executive Chairman & Founder

Veteran of all three sectors: nonprofit, corporate, and government, Kevin Hagan’s background has been focused on transforming organizations at pivotal moments in their history. After having served as Chief Executive Officer of two large national and international nonprofits with revenue exceeding $200M annually, the American Diabetes Association and Feed the Children, Kevin decided to start THRIVE IMPACT to share what he’s learned. With a focus on revenue growth and strategy, Kevin helps struggling nonprofits change their trajectory in areas from operations to program delivery and design so they can reverse course and get back to accomplishing their mission. Kevin is CEO of the PANN Organization and serves at Executive Advisor for THRIVE IMPACT.

Allen Stone


Allen is an entrepreneur and nonprofit leader with over a decade of experience helping people launch and grow nonprofits and companies. He focuses on helping leaders and teams strike the perfect balance of agility, forward thinking, and action. He loves identifying and building creative solutions that exercise people’s strengths and keep focus where it belongs. Outside of work, Allen’s favorite things to do are travelling with his family, mountain biking, and reading.


Leadership Development

Julie Wannamaker

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Julie manages our internal & external communications, fundraising and community building, marketing & content support, and client care. She also ensures the entire THRIVE IMPACT team is organized and on task. Julie is a master of empathy and genuinely connecting with people. She is a taskmaster, and loves to organize things to run efficiently. She has a background in customer service and in sales. She was an accomplished real estate agent for many years, which makes her skills in building community and connecting with people an asset to our team.



Tucker Wannamaker

Chief Executive Officer

Tucker Wannamaker is the co-founder and CEO of THRIVE IMPACT. For the last 12 years, Tucker has been in the trenches of nonprofits as a leader inside of Ashoka, Character.org, Youth Service America, and Wild Fire Tees (leading them to $1M in revenue in the first year). His expertise is in revenue creation, marketing strategy, strategic partnerships, philanthropic management (how to effectively give money away), technology platforms, culture upgrading, and managing creative teams.

Meet some of the impactful nonprofit leaders in our community.

Frankie Abralind

Executive Director

The Good Listening Project

Amy Alanes

Executive Director

Women's Cancer Resource Center

Kate Colligan

Director of Development & Communication

Basic Health International

Caroline Durham

Executive Director

St Charles Center for Faith + Action

Eric Guzman

Assistant Director of Development

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

Stephanie McGencey

Executive Director

American Youth Policy Forum

Amy Powell

Executive Director


Beth Roalstad

Executive Director

Homeward Pikes Peak

Lisa Simms Booth

Executive Director

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Marisa Stubbs

Development & Communications Director

Critical Exposure

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