THRIVE Workshops

We all need a boost every now and then. Sometimes revenue is down and we feel stuck. Other times it's morale that needs a lift. And sometimes we simply need some outside perspective and fresh injection of creativity.

Our Thrive Workshops are crafted around unique challenges experienced by nonprofits. We design each workshop to maximize learning and equip you with practical takeaways you can implement immediately.

Grow Revenue. Avoid Burnout. Create Impact.

Our mission is to solve
nonprofit leader burnout.

Our workshops are designed to help you...

Stop Wasting Energy

Get your board – and your staff – working in the same direction.

Grow Your Revenue

Struggling revenue is an indicator of deeper issues. Solve those, revenue follows.

Maximize Your Impact

Increase productivity – without burning out your staff.

Get actionable insight into the most common problems facing nonprofits.

Additional workshops for additional support.

While we don't have any of the following workshops on the calendar, we often work with groups of nonprofits to make these available as needed.

Awakening Conscious Leadership 101

Use Neuroscience and Mindfulness to Reduce Burnout and Increase Resilience

“If we want to lead well in the world, the first place we need to lead well is within ourselves.” — Dr Daniel Friedland.

Your team, your community, and your mission need you. This Awakening Conscious Leadership 101 workshop will equip you with practical strategies you can implement immediately to be more resilient and reduce burnout.

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Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience for Nonprofit Teams

Empower your team to master the shift from burnout to thriving using neuroscience and mindfulness

“Organizations that practice conscious leadership perform 10x better.” –Harvard Business Review

Mastering the shift from reactivity to creativity is the difference between burnout and thriving.

It’s the difference between shrinking back and rising to the occasion.

It’s the difference between being stuck in the past and co-creating a new future.

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Creating Impactful Meetings & Experiences

Facilitate Meetings & Gatherings that Create Psychological Safety, Include all Voices, and Unlock Collective Wisdom

One of the most important skills for a nonprofit leader to possess to lead in the next normal is the ability to have meetings and gatherings that create psychological safety, include all voices, and unlock the collective wisdom from the group.

While these skills are imperative to growing our organizations, so few have been trained how to actually do it and do it well. We want to do something about that.

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Revenue Energizer Workshop

Get The Right Strategy and Build Sustainable Revenue

No money, no mission. This is the reality for nonprofits. As a nonprofit leader, there are endless demands for your time. Time needed to develop strategies that will sustain your organization and its mission.

Revenue Energizer Workshop is a one-day experience designed to equip you with proven nonprofit revenue strategies. And we’re not talking about one-size-fits-all approaches here. These are strategies to be tailored to your organization.

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Six Shifts Every Nonprofit Leader Needs to Lead and Thrive in the Next Normal

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, learn the six simple shifts nonprofit leaders can start making right now to build an inclusive culture, unlock the collective wisdom of your team, double down on your value, and create impact from the inside out.

Your leaders will start to ask new questions that unlock the creative possibilities of their staff, executives, and boards.

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