UPCOMING: THRIVE IMPACT 101 | November 4th, 11:30am - 1:00pm ET

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  • “Since joining the THRIVE community, I have become a more effective and energized leader.”
    – Amy Alanes, ED
  • “Thrive Impact has done a really good job of leading us to action.”
    – Tina Clark, Board Chair
  • "Thrive Impact’s content is relevant across all industries."
    - National Organization for Women
  • "My fundraising has gone from haphazard to routine."
    - Beth Roalstad, ED
  • "The time we spent with the Thrive Impact Team was a game changer!"
    - Kim Cox, ED


A New Way To

Raise Money

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A New Way To


A New Way To

Align Your Team

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“I would suggest Thrive Impact to anyone who is serious about growing their nonprofit.”
Edwina Winsworth, Board Member
The Lamb Center
“Through the Thrive Impact workshops, we overcame FEAR knowing we are all in this together.”
Matthew Oh, CEO
“Thrive Impact provides immeasurable value... by learning from others, I stretch outside of my comfort zone and can implement ideas that I would not have thought of.”
Maryann Santos, Executive Director
Society of Connecticut Opticians

Our Mission

We exist to solve the nonprofit leader burnout problem.

Burnout is the enemy of creating positive change. When nonprofit leaders thrive, they create the impact their communities need.


You’re not self-made, you’re community made. We connect you with other leaders and best practices so you can build off others’ successes.


This is your opportunity for personalized feedback and guidance on the strategies to energize your revenue.


It’s not how you start it’s how you finish. Our support systems are in place to make sure healthy fundraising is part of your nonprofit culture.

The world changed overnight, and it’s time for your nonprofit to pivot.

Understand the five simple shifts you can start making right now for your nonprofit to Thrive.
Learn the myths that successful nonprofits are letting go of to flourish and grow in today’s landscape.
Discover the mindset that high-capacity nonprofit leaders implement to survive the fundraising roller coaster.
See why so many nonprofits struggle to build a “culture of revenue”, and learn how to avoid that mistake.
Find out how to unlock your team’s potential and ignite their passion for your nonprofit’s mission.

Who should attend?

Nonprofit CEOs
Executive Directors
Board Members
Development Directors
Staff Members
Get equipped with five shifts your nonprofit can make to break through and grow sustainable impact.

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