Awakening Conscious Leadership 101

“If we want to lead well in the world, the first place we need to lead well is within ourselves.” — Dr Daniel Friedland.

Your team, your community, and your mission need you. This Awakening Conscious Leadership 101 workshop will equip you with practical strategies you can implement immediately to be more resilient and reduce burnout.

Use Neuroscience and Mindfulness to Reduce Burnout and Increase Resilience

This is a 2-hour online and interactive workshop with nonprofit leaders about Awakening Conscious Leadership and unlocking the power within us.

Leadership is not a role, it is a way of being because we all have influence within our nonprofit. And, in a world changing at such an exponential rate, the opportunity rises for us as nonprofit leaders to expand our capacity to lead – from the inside out.

The Awakening Conscious Leadership workshop – created by neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Friedland, XCHANGE, and our THRIVE IMPACT team – will provide real-life tools and approaches you need to be a better, more impactful nonprofit leader. 

The workshop is rooted in neuroscience and mindfulness, explaining how our brains process situations and pathways for self-improvement by noticing what drives us.

This workshop will help you...

Understand the neuroscience behind being a conscious leader.
Find out how to move from a state of reactivity into one of creativity.
Learn the data behind why conscious leadership is vital to your nonprofit's future
Experience a process for becoming more aware of yourself and others.

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