The THRIVERS Manifesto v2

February 28, 2024 | 
3 minute read

We feel the speed and complexity of change forcing a shift in our communities and teams in our work with impact-driven organizations every day. We see firsthand that traditional leadership models no longer suffice. They’re growing more irrelevant as every day goes by and in fact are often hurting the most important part of our organizations: our people. 

Yet, despite this felt awareness, many find themselves at a loss for words, unable to express the new visions forming within them or to outline pathways forward.

This THRIVERS manifesto was born from an observation and a realization…

Impact-driven leaders feel a deep, urgent need for changing how we lead but struggle to articulate it. 

In crafting this manifesto, the goal was to give voice to these aches and yearnings. To provide language that resonates with the intuitive understanding many leaders already have: that the future demands we change how we lead into a completely different and more human-based leadership operating system. Something we call “The Inside-Out Operating System”.

An operating system that is more inclusive, adaptive, and co-creative. It’s an invitation to embrace a new paradigm of leading and living, grounded in collaboration, continuous learning and improvement, and the courage to let go of outdated practices.

So true to our priority of continuous improvement and learning, I’m sharing this 2nd version with you in the hopes that you might help us get to a better next version. (You can listen to our process on v1 in this podcast episode)

Will you help us with your insights? What resonates with you about this manifesto? What is confusing? What could use greater clarity? 

Read the v2 below and then leave a comment with your thoughts.

Let’s co-create impact from the inside out. Together.


“Everyone deserves the opportunity for their voice to be part of the orchestra shaping our collective future. 

With the speed of change happening at an exponential rate, the old ways of leadership don’t work in the new day we find ourselves in

When we don’t include someone’s voice, we steal from their humanity and our ability to be relevant and impactful.  

Co-creation is the highest expression of humanity. We’re not meant to do it alone. 

We were born learners not performers. Success comes to us through curiosity, reflection, trying, and continuous improvement. Choosing to learn — with others, from wins and losses, successes and mistakes, accomplishments and sorrows — opens us to the future we want. 

We are doing more than is sustainable. We don’t need to be all things to all people. We need to prune to allow the most energy to go to our best selves. Our NOs give power to our most important YESes. 

The right revenue and resources come to us when we live in integrity, know there is enough to go around, and iterate quickly. 

We will let our hearts drive, and let data guide. We match our ideals with building the systems to support them. 

Our impact in the world doesn’t matter if we’re hurting our people.  If we want to lead well in the world, we must lead well within our teams, and I must lead well within myself.  

I am not a machine. When I pause, notice, and choose what matters most now in every situation, the better parts of me emerge. 

I choose belonging before strategy; questions before answers; curiosity before directives. 

I choose care instead of hurry; learning instead of perfectionism; agreements instead of expectations; abundance instead of scarcity.  

I choose to be clear; which is kind. Even if I am not sure what to say or do, I will share that. And find ways to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously. 

I walk in faith and hope — towards our collective future. 

I’m a THRIVER. I co-create impact — from the inside out.”

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