To Plan or Not to Plan…

February 17, 2023 | 
1 minute read

Have you thrown planning out the window? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. 

A recent article by Forbes highlights that the constant change brought on by the pandemic has caused many of us to throw planning out the window. The idea is, hey, if all my plans were wrong, why should I keep planning? I’m sure many of us resonate with that.

But the article refutes this concept and shares an important nugget–which is that when planning fails, it isn’t necessarily because it was done wrong or that people had bad ideas or made dumb assumptions, but that “the information [they] had when creating the plan was limited and sometimes incorrect..”

This begs the question–if the information I have to plan might be wrong, what’s the point?

But what if the point of planning isn’t the plan anyway, but the process of asking yourself key questions on a regular rhythm to support being flexible and agile to the circumstances around you? 

That’s how we see planning here at THRIVE IMPACT, with one key addition. Planning is also an opportunity for building culture. 

There are three key ingredients:

[All voices]  + [Generative Questions] * [A regular Rhythm] = Learning and Progress [for individuals and the organization].

So if you’ve thrown planning out the window–we have a few gifts:

  • A suggested planning rhythm – Quarterly 
  • Some strategic and generative questions to ask your team (See Below)

Try it out and tell us how it went!


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