Organizational & Board Energizers

The same way impact-driven organizations have unique opportunities, they also have unique challenges. Boards, program, impact, story, revenue, and culture are all critical parts of leading an impactful organization. But where do you focus first? And when?

Our Energizers are designed to align your board or team and move forward with the strategies you need to be effective... and quickly.

It's time to get your team aligned.

An energizer is for you if...

You’ve struggled with getting buy-in and alignment around the direction your organization and board need to go
You’ve known burnout because your organization doesn’t have enough money to fuel your mission
You are tight on time and know any process for your team has to be efficient and effective
Your board is struggling to effectively govern the organization or is too much in the weeds
You are impact-driven but you’ve felt isolated in the work and you’re looking for a breakthrough

Shift from top-down answers to co-created solutions.

Stop Wasting Energy

Get your board – and your staff – working in the same direction.

Grow Your Revenue

Struggling revenue is an indicator of deeper issues. Solve those, revenue follows.

Maximize Your Impact

Increase productivity – without burning out your staff.
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Get back to focusing on the mission.

Improve culture

improved their relationships with other staff members

Generate buy-in

agree the strategic direction excites them for the future

Increase adaptability

agree their staff is interested in better ways of doing things

Here's what nonprofit leaders say about our Nonprofit Energizers

“We have fully incorporated the board work we did with Thrive Impact and are cooking with gas with new programs, new fundraising initiatives, etc. They really catapulted us!”

Marchelle Sellers

Artists for Peace and Justice, NYC
“The whole experience with Thrive Impact has been game-changing for our entire staff in how people are treating each other and thinking about our mission. Hearing how connected everybody feels now, even through COVID, is huge!”

Angie Rowe

Executive Director
Blind Children’s Learning Center, Orange County, CA
“Our main revenue stream started to dry up and we needed to find the path forward. THRIVE IMPACT helped us find three new revenue strategies and started to see our revenue increase right away.”

Nantz Rickard

President & CEO

Energize where you're stuck.

Every part of your Impact Cycle needs to be resourced at your nonprofit. If any one of them is struggling, they all start to decline.


Inclusive and collaborative leadership empowers every person in your organization to align around a shared vision.


Your day-to-day activities determine how far and how fast you move towards your mission and the impact you desire.


Measuring the outcomes and outputs of your efforts educate strategic decisions on where to allocate time and finances.


Creative fundraising and revenue generation expand your ability to properly resource the programs you're passionate about.


The clarity with which you share your impact with the world drives buy-in from your team and your financial supporters alike.
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Approach matters to create positive, sustainable change.

Appreciative Inquiry-Based Facilitation

Do you want a change process that works?
Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-focused, generative approach that taps into the collective intelligence of an organization to solve any challenge with unprecedented speed and high levels of engagement.

Rooted in Co-Creation & Inclusion

Do you want to energize your team?
Top-down approaches rarely work for creating organization-wide change. Co-creation creates an inclusive environment allowing diverse voices to upgrade your culture so that you can implement your strategies effectively.

Data-Driven Alignment

Do you want to make better decisions?
From deep passion and heart to important missions, impact-driven work is full of subjectivity. Our process creates alignment through objectivity by gathering and leveraging internal and external data to drive and inform the most important decisions you need to make to be a mission-driven organization.

Iterative Learning

Do you want to adapt to change better?
In times of unprecedented change, your organization's ability to be relevant is not based on a single point in time, but your ability to apply learning and adapt quickly over time. Through experiential learning, we teach your team how to be a learning organization.

It's time to THRIVE for your community.

Thriving leaders transform nonprofits. Unlock the best of your board, your team, and you.

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