For Impact-Driven Leaders

You know firsthand the challenges and rewards that come with being an impact-driven leader. You're doing deep and meaningful work to impact your community, while also managing resources and supporting staff.

We know exactly how that tension feels. Which is why we designed our services to address the unique challenges you face as an impact-driven leader. We're here to help you create alignment across all levels of your organization.

Shift from top-down answers to co-created solutions.

People have energy towards what they get to create.

Strategy and Impact Cycle™ Energizers are for you if...

You feel the frustration of strategic plans gathering dust on a shelf
You struggle with getting buy-in and alignment around the direction your organization needs to go
You are on the edge of burnout because your organization doesn’t have enough money to fuel your mission
You realize donors are no longer giving to charity, they want to fund change and impact
You are impact-driven but you’ve felt isolated in the work and you’re looking for a breakthrough

Services to help you create sustainable impact for your community.

Strategic Planning

Too many impact-driven organizations make the mistake of either not prioritizing strategic planning in the first place or involving only upper management in the process.

We take strategic planning in an entirely new direction that not only sets a course for the organization, but also breathes life into every team and department in the process.
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Organizational Energizers

Every organization gets stuck sooner or later. The key is knowing how to identify where you're stuck so you can learn from it and move forward in a healthy way.

Our Impact Cycle™ Energizers are designed to help you pinpoint exactly what is holding you back and then turn it into an opportunity to catapult your organization forward.
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Approach matters in creating sustainable change.

These are the guiding principles in every workshop and planning session we facilitate.

Appreciative Inquiry-Based Facilitation

Do you want a change process that works?
Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-focused, generative approach that taps into the collective intelligence of an organization to solve any challenge with unprecedented speed and high levels of engagement.

Rooted in Co-Creation & Inclusion

Do you want to energize your team?
Top-down approaches rarely work for creating organization-wide change. Co-creation creates an inclusive environment allowing diverse voices to upgrade your culture so that you can implement your strategies effectively.

Data-Driven Alignment

Do you want to make better decisions?
From deep passion and heart to important missions, impact-driven work is full of subjectivity. Our process creates alignment through objectivity by gathering and leveraging internal and external data to drive and inform the most important decisions you need to make to be a mission-driven organization.

Iterative Learning

Do you want to adapt to change better?
In times of unprecedented change, your organization's ability to be relevant is not based on a single point in time, but your ability to apply learning and adapt quickly over time. Through experiential learning, we teach your team how to be a learning organization.