Co-Creation 101

The old model of problem-solving doesn’t work. It relies on a few people to have all the answers. Not only is it putting too much weight on your own shoulders, it’s stifling your team and holding your organization back.

Co-creating solutions is the paradigm shift we’ve seen breathe new life into impact-driven organizations time and time again. And it’s more accessible than you think it is.

Trade outdated, top-down approaches to problem-solving for stronger, co-created buy-in

Your organization exists to create impact. Which means solving problems. And you already know there’s no shortage of problems to solve. But sometimes solving problems… is its own problem.

“Who should speak into creating solutions? How do I invite them? How do I set proper expectations? How do we reach a decision? Do I even have the time to do this right?”

These are all questions we hear from impact-driven leaders when it comes to the process of creating solutions. They’re valid questions. And traditional methods of leadership have done us a disservice when it comes to finding the best solutions and generating buy-in.

Co-Creation 101 is about the next normal of creating solutions: together. It’s about the wisdom of the many instead of the knowledge of the few. It’s about generating buy-in throughout the entire process instead of trying to convince everyone after the fact.

It’s about impact-driven leadership for the next normal.

This workshop will help you...

Shift from stifling top-down leadership models to practices that lean on the strengths of your team
Learn how to generate buy-in DURING the solution-building process instead of afterwards
Identify the embedded mindsets that are hindering the creative ideas your organization needs
Understand the process of including all voices without creating the pressure to use all ideas

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