The Coaching, Courses, & Community You and Your Team Need to Succeed at Your Nonprofit





Every Nonprofit Executive Needs Access to Coaching and Community to Grow Revenue and Create Positive Change

But There’s A Problem…

  • Developing your team can be expensive
  • You’re left to dig through content without a guide
  • You hope people will grow on their own
  • What you’ve tried isn’t working
  • Leadership growth is left up to chance
  • Other one-off training programs don’t fit together
  • Developing your team can be expensive
  • You’re left to dig through content without a guide
  • You hope people will grow on their own
  • What you’ve tried isn’t working
  • Leadership growth is left up to chance
  • Other one-off training programs don’t fit together


The Revenue Energizer Academy has what you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place.

And at a fraction of the cost for other coaching and professional development.  

The Coaching, Courses, & Community That Solve
Your Most Pressing Problems

Energize Your Story

All the impact you're making can't grow if you can't tell your story well. Learn how to tell stories of transformation that generate an emotional response to move people and inspire action.

5 Video Modules

Energize Your Strategy

You can't move forward because you're saying yes to too many things and don't know where your problems lie. Learn how to identify what your real value is and how to double-down on it so you can bring in the revenue you need to have impact.

Launching April 30, 2020

Energize Your Social Media

There are too many places to spread the message and "create awareness." But awareness isn't what you need. You need people to take action. Leverage the power of engaging content to build your community without wasting time.

Launching June 22, 2020

Energize Your Leadership

Your mind is more powerful than you think. Learn how to change your self-limiting beliefs so you can be the leader your nonprofit needs in order to grow. 

Launching April 15, 2020

Energize Your Major Donors

For most people, asking people for money sucks. But there is a better way. It's time to learn how to invite people into the community they've been looking for so they'll give more freely and you won't hate fundraising so much.  

Launching May 11, 2020


We are creating new courses to help you and your team THRIVE in 2020 and beyond.

Your Coaches

You’re getting proven, boots-on-the-ground, real-world training from some of the best in the nonprofit sector.

Everyone you’ll hear from in this training has had leadership, storytelling, and revenue success in the trenches as a leader within nonprofits as large as $650M on down to startups. 

Kevin Hagan


Rob Stennett


Brendan Bailes


Tucker Wannamaker

Fundraising & CULTURE

Angela Harris

Social Media

Cindy Hallberlin

Board Management

Thrive Impact’s team has a track record of turn-around and revenue success as leaders of nonprofits from startups to $650M+, including:

Your Plan to Succeed at Your Nonprofit

1. Get Access

Get ongoing access to every course and monthly coaching while you’re a member.

2. Get Coaching, Learn From Peers, Watch the Courses

Every group coaching call and course is packed with modern, no-fluff nonprofit training.

3. Succeed at Your Nonprofit

Thrive in your role as an executive by mastering the skills to grow your revenue and your impact. 

Your Revenue Energizer Academy Membership Includes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Revenue Energizer Academy?

The Revenue Energizer Academy is an online community filled with courses and coaching to help you take your nonprofit’s revenue to the next level. We know that all nonprofits want more revenue to support their mission work and we also know that for true revenue success to come, your nonprofits needs more than a fundraiser. You need to understand your nonprofit's real value, where it fits, how to tell compelling stories and take all that to turn it into powerful revenue strategies. Our team of talented coaches will guide you through online courses that will help you build the powerful revenue generating culture that your organization and your beneficiaries need. 

What type of roles would benefit from thE REVENUE ENERGIZER ACADEMY?

Anyone who works for a nonprofit or who wants to work for a nonprofit organization. 

From the CEO of a small nonprofit to an entry-level marketing specialist at one of America’s largest charities, nonprofit professionals of all stripes can benefit from these courses.

Who are the COACHES?

Collectively, our initial cadre of coaches bring “in the trenches” understanding and experience to your online learning experiences. With more than five decades of experience in nonprofit management and over $4 Billion in donations raised, our instructors have served as fundraisers, COOs, and CEOs of national and local nonprofits from startups to $650M+ in annual revenue.  With experts in nonprofit fundraising, strategic planning, culture building, leadership, and marketing on staff, our coaches will guide you through what they’ve learned to take a nonprofit from the brink of extinction to the forefront of revenue generation and mission impact.


What do I get when I join?

When you join the Revenue Energizer Academy, you will get access to all current and future online courses while you are a member ranging in topics from storytelling to strategy to social media management. Additionally, you will receive access to valuable resources and tools that you can use to implement the lessons you’ve learned within your organization. Annual members will receive an additional one-on-one 30-minute call once a month plus some awesome THRIVERS swag along with deals for teams of 3 or more.  

What coaching services do you provide?

Your membership comes with group coaching calls held twice per month where Revenue Energizer Academy participants can ask questions of course coaches and gain valuable insight and guidance from coaches and other participants. Annual members will receive an additional one-on-one 30-minute call once a month to talk through your own individual needs. 

For organizations that want more “hands on” assistance, private workshops and coaching can be arranged by scheduling a call with us.   

What is your cancellation policy?

The goal of the Revenue Energizer Academy is to support and help grow the nonprofits who do valuable service to our communities.  If you feel that the Revenue Energizer Academy isn’t helping you learn the tools to improve your nonprofit’s performance, please let us know at [email protected] and we will cancel your subscription. 

Do you offer discounts for teams?

Yes, we do! Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss a custom plan for your team.

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