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Align your team and grow your revenue... quickly.

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Most people around you don’t understand what it takes to make your nonprofit work.

This is for you if…

You’ve felt the frustration of strategic plans gathering dust on a shelf because the “expert” didn’t help you upgrade your culture
You’ve struggled with getting buy-in and alignment around the direction your organization needs to go
You’ve known burnout because your nonprofit doesn’t have enough money to fuel your mission
You know any process for your team has to be efficient and effective, you are tight on time
You realize donors are no longer giving to charity, they want to fund change and impact
You are mission-driven but you’ve felt isolated in the work and you’re looking for a breakthrough
“The whole experience with Thrive Impact has been game-changing for our entire staff in how people are treating each other and thinking about our mission. Hearing how connected everybody feels now, even through COVID, is huge!”
Angie Rowe, ED
Blind Children’s Learning Center, Orange County, CA
“I was walking home from work last night and I marveled at how wonderful the Thrive Impact Strategic Planning Process was for our Board and Staff. The time we spent with the Thrive Team was a game changer!“
Kim Cox, President
The Father McKenna Center, Washington, DC
“We have fully incorporated the board work we did with Thrive Impact and are cooking with gas with new programs, new fundraising initiatives, etc. They really catapulted us!”
Marchelle Sellers, CEO
Artists for Peace and Justice, NYC
“Our main revenue stream started to dry up and we needed to find the path forward. Thrive Impact helped us find three new revenue strategies and started to see our revenue increase right away.”
Nantz Rickard,
DCTV, Washington, DC
“Thrive Impact did an amazing job facilitating our strategic planning process. There was a lot of new data, historical perspectives and personality nuances that could have easily derailed us from achieving our goals. Their credibility, knowledge, and personalities were the reasons why we were able to get the clarity we needed!”
Lissa Goldenstein, Board Chair
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
“Well, that was epic! You guys are seriously talented facilitators and we are so grateful for all the support on the experience.”
Zach Adamson, CEO

Have the courage to course-correct.

Stop Wasting Energy

Get your board – and your staff – working in the same direction.

Grow Your Revenue

Struggling revenue is an indicator of deeper issues. Solve those, revenue follows.

Maximize Your Impact

Increase productivity – without burning out your staff.
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Our Process

We are not consultants who come to you with answers. We are coaches and guides who unlock the power of your board, your team, and you. Here’s how we approach your nonprofit with the respect that you deserve and the results that you need.


People First

Often at the end of our workshops, people say, “We feel more connected as a team than ever before.” Our process focuses on the upgrading of your culture as well as your strategies.


Appreciative Inquiry

This strengths-based facilitation methodology taps into the collective intelligence of an organization. This helps solve any challenge with unprecedented speed and high levels of engagement.



Experts who tell you what to do don't get you what you need. We bring expertise to you through discovery, dialogue, and interactivity, so we’re co-creating together with your team.


Efficient & Transparent

We get a lot done through the use of science-backed interaction patterns and powerful questions. This builds collective buy-in of the strategies and the future of your organization much more quickly.


The Uncomfortable Truth

Your comfort zone is not usually where success lives. The greatest opportunity to bring lasting change comes through encouraging you to imagine new ideas, processes, and solutions.

Private Intensives To Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

Energize Your Revenue

The old ways of fundraising aren’t working anymore. With changes in taxes and generations, there’s never been a less certain time for donations. But there is revenue available if you just know where to look.

Through a two-month experience of customized workshops with your team, we’ll help you develop mission-driven revenue strategies customized to your organization’s unique value.

Your nonprofit has many opportunities for revenue, and not always just through fundraising. We’ll help you find them.
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Energize Your Strategic Plan

Too many strategic plans are too complicated, the process of creating one is exhausting, and then they usually just end up just gathering dust. A clear and concise strategic plan co-created with your team that actually helps you know where you’re going (and not going) is possible and doesn’t have to be painful.

Through a two-month energizing experience of customized workshops with your team, we streamline the traditional six to twelve month strategic planning process and efficiently help you identify your unique value, understand your data, align your team, and develop the roadmap to accelerate your nonprofit’s impact.
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Energize Your Culture

Staff comes into work on the verge of burnout. You’re frustrated. And the worst part is? Everyone can tell. If you know, deep down, that you need to somehow fix your culture: Get. Started. Now.

In the immortal words of Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Whether you need to go to the next level strategically or you’re just plain stuck, improving your culture is where to start

If you’re a courageous nonprofit leader, we can help you dive into these murky culture waters and come out with an aligned team that has a shared language and a clear direction on the path forward to achieve your mission… together.
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Energize Your Board

Do you have a pain in your board? Sometimes board members can waste a CEO’s time, bring too many ideas to the table without understanding what it takes to get them done, and just not follow through on commitments they’ve made

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can have a board that not only governs properly, but drives your mission forward. Through a full-day workshop experience, we can help you unlock the power of your board so they can be one of your nonprofit’s greatest assets.
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How You'll Thrive

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We’ll explore if we’re the right partner for you to help you align your team and grow your revenue.

2. Partner With Us

We’ll customize our process to your nonprofit’s needs and be your guide along the way.

3. Transform Your Nonprofit

Grow your revenue and align your team so you can have the impact your community needs from you.
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Don’t Just Get By

We can help your organization THRIVE. For over 15 years, we’ve used our experience of leading top nonprofits to help others energize their missions and maximize their impact in their communities and around the globe.

We’ve turned around dozens of organizations with revenue of all sizes. We can help yours, too.

Our Story

Our founders and team have decades of experience leading nonprofits and businesses with revenues from $1M to $650M. Our blend of been-in-the-trenches empathy, design-thinking process, and forward-thinking fundraising and revenue approaches make us effective partners in your success.
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