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Thrive Impact

Seasoned nonprofit veterans helping nonprofits gain the tools they need to make the biggest impact possible.

Thrive Impact helps nonprofit leaders like you grow your revenue and align your board and team quickly so you can create the impact you know you are capable of.

After years of overseeing some of the largest nonprofits in the United States including Feed the Children and the American Diabetes Association, Kevin Hagan made the decision to move on and begin to help smaller nonprofits achieve their maximum impact possible. In 2018, Kevin partnered with Tucker Wannamaker, a successful nonprofit co-founder and fundraiser, to found Thrive Impact.

Together, Kevin and Tucker have successfully put together a team of nonprofit veterans with over 50 years of combined experience. Thrive Impact has stuck to its original mission of helping nonprofits grow their revenue and unify their boards and team members to achieve their maximum impact. Thrive Impact is proud to be the best at helping nonprofits be the best they can be. Is your organization the best it can be?

Meet the Team

Brendan Bailes

Synthesis & Facilitation Lead

Brendan Bailes is a public relations and communications specialist who thrives on helping mission-driven people communicate effectively and collaborate efficiently. Brendan’s broad communications background includes overall strategy design and content development with tactical execution experience in social media, speechwriting, media management, and collateral development. He has worked to craft compelling stories and communications pieces in his roles with CityYear, KaBOOM!, Service Learning & Leadership Institute, and the Corporation for National and Community Service which oversees the AmeriCorp program.

Julie Wannamaker

Director of Development

As the Director of Development, Julie manages our internal & external communications, fundraising and community building, marketing & content support, and client care. She also ensures the entire Thrive team is organized and “on” task. Julie is a master of empathy and genuinely connecting with people. She is a taskmaster, and loves to organize things to run efficiently. She has a background in customer service and in sales. She was an accomplished real estate agent for many years, which makes her skills in building community and connecting with people an asset to our team.

Kevin Hagan

Chief Executive Officer

Veteran of all three sectors: nonprofit, corporate and government, Kevin Hagan’s background has been focused on transforming organizations at pivotal moments in their history. After having served as Chief Executive Officer of two large national and international nonprofits with revenue exceeding $200M annually, the American Diabetes Association and Feed the Children, Kevin decided to start Thrive Impact and the Revenue Energizer Academy to share what he’s learned. With a focus on revenue growth and strategy, Kevin helps struggling nonprofits change their trajectory in areas from operations to program delivery and design so they can reverse course and get back to accomplishing their mission.

Rob Stennett

Chief of Content

Rob Stennett is a graduate of UCLA film school, filmmaker, novelist, and a content creator. His work has been recognized with ADDYs for writing in both nonprofit and commercial campaigns. Rob also won a TELLY for a feature documentary he wrote and directed with a nonprofit. He loves to showcase the kindness of nonprofits and has worked with them to create multiple campaigns that have generated seven-figures in charitable giving. He’s also created story and video content for brands, churches, and nonprofits all over the world including National Geographic, Compassion International, DISH Network, MLB, Formula 1, and the Discovery Channel. Rob specializes in storytelling and works every day to help tell better stories so they can accomplish their mission and make the world a better place.

Tucker Wannamaker

Chief Impact Officer

Tucker Wannamaker is the co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of Thrive Impact. For the last 12 years, Tucker has been in the trenches of nonprofits as a leader inside of Ashoka, Character.org, and Youth Service America; as a founder of a startup nonprofit leading them to $1M in revenue in the first year; and developing change-management, fundraising, and marketing campaigns for nonprofit clients like the Red Cross, United States Olympic Museum, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, and Colorado College. His expertise is in revenue creation, marketing strategy, strategic partnerships, philanthropic management (how to effectively give money away), technology platforms, culture upgrading, and managing creative teams.

Your Success is Our Goal

We have worked with dozens of nonprofits, both small and large, to help increase their impact. We’ve done this by taking the tried-and-true techniques that we developed over our years at some of the top nonprofits in the country and turned them into helpful resources that all organizations can use to get on the right track.
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Proud to help nonprofits Thrive.

Nonprofits who work with us have achieved great things. Here are a few stats from their achievements.







We know the struggles because we’ve had them too.

That’s why Thrive Impact’s approach is built on the simple fact that revenue issues is a lagging indicator of deeper problems. If you’re having a hard time raising money or just keep hitting a plateau in your revenue, it is time for a more modern approach, not just a new fundraising deck.

With our experience of leading and turning around everything from startup nonprofits to $650M+ organizations, we’ll help you figure out whatever’s getting in the way of your bottom line. You’ll leave our workshops knowing where you’re heading, what you need to do to get there and, most importantly, you won’t be doing it alone.
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